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A-Team Resource : Season 3

3.1 Bullets And Bikinis

A great opening episode for season 3. The A-Team are hired by two young ladies who are running a hotel on the seafront. They are being threatened by another local hotel owner to sell their hotel to him. The girls don't want to do this and when their father is pushed to his death and their place is being destroyed they hire the A-Team to solve the problem. 10/10

B.A. has toothache. Goes to dentist and they knock him out using gas. When he wakes up The A-Team are in Miami so they tell him he has been on the road for 2 days. They have to make sure he doesn't find out the correct date.

Murdock cannot swim according to B.A.

Murdock has camera that flashes but does not take pictures. This annoys B.A.

Episode is based in Miami, Florida.

The A-Team make homemade machine gun and mortar after being locked in building site. Murdock also cycles along a rail route on bike with tape playing train noise and large headlight as The A-Team question a local politician.

3.2/3.3 The Bend In The River

An excellent double episode. The A-Team visit the Amazon to help save Tawnia's boyfriend who has been taken prisoner by river pirates. The A-Team encounter many problems on this adventure namely "The Coffin" - a dangerous river pirate. In this episode Murdock is filming a movie, this provides many humorous points. 9/10

Reviews By Others:
The Bend In The River is my personal favorite episode. The team travels to the Amazon to rescue Tawnia's boyfriend, Brian Lefcourt from the clutches of a riverboat pirate named El Cajon, which means: the coffin. When they arrive in the Amazon, and decide to look for Lefcourts guide: Little John, they find him on Bobbi Cardina's barge, a beautiful girl who ships loads through the bend in the river. They don't know yet that El Cajon gets paid from Doyle to keep people away from the bend in the river, and El Cajon doesn't know Doyle is working for nazis led by Carlos Ritateamtan, a South American industrial, who wants to build a nuclear reactor. Brian Lefcourt was in the Amazon area to look for the lost city of Del Rio. Tawnia and Brian were supposed to marry after Brian came back. Also, Murdock is making a movie in this episode, a classic little film called 'Closed For Remodeling'. When they free Lefcourt, and Face nearly got killed during a fight with a huge guy, they decide to look for the lost city. When they found it, Little John and the husband of his sister, who was with him, run back to tell Doyle where the city was. The team captures Doyle, and have him show them what is happening upriver. When they find out, they have a problem: they don't have enough men. Bobbi suggests that they borrow men from her father: believe it or not: El Cajon. The team destroys the reactor and Tawnia and Brian finally get married.
Rating Out Of Ten - 10
- Review by Ron Florax.

3.4 Fire

The A-Team help a lady who's is under pressure to sell her fire station. The A-Team, who are chased by Colonel Briggs throughout this episode, help her defend the fire station against the rogues who have a bigger plan than just taking over the fire station. Superb 10/10

Murdock annoys B.A. with "little squirt" ( a small firefighter model that squirts water ). B.A. gets revenge at the end with "big squirt".

Colonel Briggs (Played by Charles Napier) appears. He is replacement for Lynch and Decker.

Van appears in this episode.

3.5 The Bells Of St Mary's

The A-Team stumble upon a group of young female singers who are on the run from their record company. The record company are paying them peanuts and are not letting them negotiate a new contract. As a result the A-Team take on their contract and soon find themselves up against a big time criminal. 9/10

3.6 Timber!

The A-Team are hired by a man and his sister to help him defeat a group of loggers who are trying to put them out of business because they won't join their union. The union is corrupt. As a result the A-Team have to deliver a truckload of timber to the factory within a certain time limit or else the man and his sister will lose their house. 9/10

Van appears in this episode.

Face break Murdock out of V.A.

Murdock annoys B.A. by looking for bigfoot. He also annoys Face because he is up all night making a noise trying to attract Bigfoot so he can win the fifteen dollar reward.

The A-Team make an armoured forklift fitted with two cannons that fire wood at the badguys. Hannibal also finds a stash of dynamite.

3.7 Double Heat

The A-Team are hired by a man who is going to testify at court against a leading mobster. Unfortunately his daughter is snatched and he hires the A-Team to find her. The A-Team soon find that they are struggling to find his daughter before the court case and are soon up against two gangs. 10/10

Van appears in this episode.

Face sports a mustache in this episode.

Murdock annoys B.A. by being a reporter with an invisible microphone.

Helicopter continuity error. See bloopers page.

3.8 Trouble On Wheels

A man at an autoplant is the victim of gangsters who are stealing spare parts and then selling them on. The man hires the A-Team to find out who is doing it and then stop them. 8/10

Van appears in this episode.

Murdock annoys B.A. by crushing his foot a couple of times.

The A-Team make an armored car as their plan. Squirts oil on the bad guys and also has gun turrets.

Fake B.A. appears driving the van. Also loads of other visible stunt doubles. See bloopers page.

Murdock goes undercover as "Crazy Willie".

Episode is set in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California according to the maps when trying to locate the bad guys warehouse.

The van is demolished at the auto-plant.

3.9 The Island

The A-Team set off to 'The Island' to help out their old Army medic friend who has been put into prison by a group of thugs. The A-Team set out to help the Island's population defeat these bad-guys and return to a life of peace and clam. The A-Team come across and old broken tank that they get working again, this helps them fight the bad guys. 8/10

3.10 Showdown!

This episode contains a fake A-Team who are working for a land owner who is trying to buy a wild west show for little money. The fake A-Team victimize the people and as a result it is in the newspapers that the A-Team have turned bad. As a result the A-Team go to the help of the show's owners to clear their names and also show there is only one A-Team. Murdock is horrified in this episode to learn there is no fake Murdock in the gang and that he never gets the credit he deserves. 10/10

3.11 Sheriffs Of Rivertown

The A-Team set off to help out a town in South America where the miners have been getting killed mysteriously. These workers should not even have been in the mines when they were killed! As a result the team become th sheriffs and come up against a bad guy who has a bigger plan than simple mining! 8/10

3.12 Hot Styles

When Face is going out with his girlfriend she is kidnapped by a crime lord. As a result the A-Team step in to get he back. They soon get her from the baddies clutches but she is not too happy and goes back to them. The A-Team then find out what is going on. 9/10

3.13 Breakout!

A very good episode. B.A. and Murdock get arrested trying to apprehend some robbers who steal the van with Murdock held hostage. B.A. and Murdock overpower them, but are caught by the police. The robbers tell the police that B.A. and Murdock set up the plan and as a result they are imprisoned. Not much is seen of Face in this episode. Very good. 9/10

3.14 Cup A' Joe
3.15 The Big Squeeze

The A-Team are required to help out a neighbourhood where all the residents are troubled by a visious loan shark. As a result the A-Team set up their own Irish restaurant and proceed to get a loan without paying it back therefore making the loan shark extremely unhappy. 9/10

3.16 Champ!

B.A. steps into the ring again after a boxer that the A-Team invest in has been told to take a dive in a big fight so that they can make loads of money. The A-Team and the boxer are not too happy about this and find that their adversaries are also trading drugs from the winnings. Great episode. 9/10

3.17 Skins

Another superb episode. A game warden in Kenya is murdered and his sister comes to America to hire the A-Team. B.A. likes her and when the team tell B.A. they'll have to fly to Kenya he says he's not scared to fly. A must see scene. Superb episode. 10/10

3.18 Road Games

A wealthy man has lost some money gambling. As a result the foster home that he runs with the help of his daughter will be closed down. He hires the A-Team because he wants to save the foster home. The A-Team take on the challenge. 9/10

3.19 Moving Targets

The A-Team are in the middle east to help out a very wealthy customer. His daughter is about to be married to the prince from a neighbouring, warring country. This should bring between the two countries as a result the A-Team have to protect her and make sure she gets to the wedding okay as the rebels want to stop it going through.

3.20 Knights Of The Road

The A-Team come to the help of a mechanic who has the contract for retrieving broken cars from just over the border in Mexico and repairing them. Due to this the baddies want their business so they can run drugs over the border. The A-Team of course have to stop them. 10/10

3.21 Waste 'Em

The A-Team are hired by a man and his sister to help them. They are being pushed out of their business by a gang who have hidden motives. Unknown to anybody they are dumping toxic waste. Once the A-Team find this out they try to stop their illegal operation. 9/10

3.22 Bounty

The A-Team are pursued by bounty hunters as well as the military in this episode. The bounty hunters kidnapped Murdock and threatened to kill him if the A-Team did not turn themselves over to them. Murdock escapes and is helped by a woman. A really good episode 9/10

3.23 Beverly Hills Assault

The A-Team are hired by a group of street performers who are concerned about their friend who was nearly killed by an art gallery. The gallery is running side by side with a security firm who are making the original paintings secure in their locations and then replacing the original with the fake the street performer has created. Enter Murdock as an excellent painter. Pretty decent episode. 8/10

3.24 Trouble Brewing

The A-Team are hired to help a couple of girls who are running their soft drinks company. Baddies are trying to run them out of businesses. As a result the A-Team try to find out what the bigger picture is and stop them. Has one of the most outrageous plans at the end. Firing fizzy juice at the baddies! 7/10

3.25 Incident At Crystal Lake

A superb episode. The A-Team go for a relaxing holiday to Crystal Lake. The holiday is not so relaxing. The park ranger recognizes the A-Team and calls Decker and there are also a viscous gang of robbers about too. This episode is really funny in places. 10/10


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