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A-Team Resource : Season 5

5.1 Dishpan Man
5.2 Trial by Fire
5.3 Firing Line

The first 3 episodes of season 5 combine to make the Court Martial. This in my opinion this contains the best story of any episode. Many questions about the A-Team are answered in these episodes and the action and humour comes thick and fast. The A-Team are captured by Hunt Stockwell who tells the A-Team that Captain Curtis is still alive and that he is onboard a plane in Barcelona and that it is held by terrorists and the A-Team have to save him. If Curtis gives evidence the A-Team will get a military pardon so the A-Team go to Barcelona. I don't want to waste the plot for these episodes but these episodes you must see. 10/10

5.4 Quarterback Sneak

A scientist in East Germany wants to defect to the USA. The A-Team use a game of american football as cover for them to go in and bring the scientist and his wife out. A really good episode. 9/10

5.5 The Theory of Revolution

The A-Team are now sent on a rescue mission. In this episode they try to free three Americans from prison. The three Americans were captured from a ship that contains detailed military documents. The A-Team come to the island as revolution is breaking out and help out against the evil dictator. 8/10

5.6 The Say Uncle Affair

In this episode Stockwell is kidnapped and the A-Team only have less than a day to find him or else he will be killed. Stockwell is kidnapped by an old friend who plans to extract information from him. A decent episode. 8/10

5.7 Alive at Five

The Face Man decides to leave the A-Team because he believes that they will never get a pardon from Stockwell. He tries to get away when the A-Team are on a mission. The mission is to rescue a lady journalist who is undercover and hears a plot to kill a politician. 8/10

Review By Others:
Face Man has paranoid delusions about Stockwell and tells the Team, that he will make a run for freedom during the next mission - the mission is to rescue a lady journalist who is undercover and hears a plot to kill a politician. An interesting episode that is largely a comdic throwback to the earlier series. However, the plotting seems lackadaisical at times and contrived. In conclusion, not the best of episodes, but Face Man's attempted escapes are classic. What is that song?! One question - why isn't anyone else bothered by Stockwell?? I found their reasons for staying contrived and trite and totally out of line for their characters. What happened to their Team solidarity??
Rating Out Of Ten: 7
- Review By Jazz

5.8 Family Reunion

A dying man returns to the USA with a diary that contains some evidence that a major political figure has been unjust. The dying man asks the A-Team to set-up a reunion with his daughter and he will hand over the diary to them. Murdock also finds out that this man could be Face's father. Murdock is superb in this episode. Not the most action packed of episodes, but well acted. 10/10

5.9 Point of No Return

A decent episode. Hannibal is kidnapped while on a mission in Hong Kong and he might be dead. The rest of the A-Team head out to find if he is alive and to save him if he is. 7/10

5.10 The Crystal Skull

In my opinion not the best of episodes. The A-Team are on a mission in Asia and come across some tribes who think Murdock is a god! This causes some good humour. Especially from B.A. who cannot believe it. The A-Team are then caught up with some people who are causing slavery because of a rich source of diamonds on the island. 7/10

5.11 The Spy Who Mugged Me

This episode is a must-see. In my opinion this is one of the best A-Team episodes. Murdock takes the 007 mode in this episode with some hilarious consequences. The A-Team are after an international criminal and put Murdock undercover to try and flush him out so they can capture them before he commits more crimes. 10/10 Superb!

5.12 The Gray Team

Another good episode. A girl overhears a phone call between her father and a Soviet spy. He is offering Star Wars secrets. It is all an act to bring the Soviets out of cover so that they can be captured, but the little girl does not know this and runs to her friend - an old man, who enlists help from the local nursing home to find out what's happening. 8/10

5.13 Without Reservations

Murdock has a new job at a restaurant and the rest of the A-Team have a night off so Face and Frankie go to the restaurant for their dinner, but there are mobsters there who are waiting to assassinate a senator so the A-Team must stop them. A very good episode. 8/10


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