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The A-Team Movie
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Games And Addons

Game Releases:
The A-Team in 1983 on Atari 2600.
The A-Team in 1985 on Commodore 64.
The A-Team in 1989 on Amstrad CPC, DOS, MSX, ZX Spectrum.
The A-Team in 2010 on J2ME.

Using Game Maker 4 (a freeware program available to download here) I created the below A-Team Breakout game by customizing a free game that was available with the program.
A-Team Breakout Screenshot
Download - File size : 0.95Mb

To Install:
Simply unzip the two files in the ZIP file to the directory of your choice and then run 'ateambreakout.exe'. Please note this game requires 2.5Mb of disc space. See if you can master the game!
Mr. T. Skin For Max Payne:
Play as Mr T in this excellent PC game. There are full instructions on how to use this skin included in the ZIP file.
Download - File size 0.075Mb
A-Team Van In Midtown Madness:
Here is another skin file, this one is for the popular game 'Midtown Madness'. By installing this skin you can drive about the virtual cities in this A-Team van. Note instructions on how to install are included inside the ZIP file.
Download - File size 2.28Mb
Need For Speed 3: High Stakes:
You can download an A-Team van skin for the popular Need For Speed game. This skin is similar to the one for Midtown Madness above. Install readme is included in the zip file.
Download - File size 1.51Mb
Rage Racer 2:
This great little Flash game was created by Underground Digital Media and the link was sent to the site. Rage Racer was a brilliant game on Sony's Playstation created by Namco. This game takes the 'Micro Machines' top down view and is much like the addictive shareware game 'Slicks And Slides'. You must have a Flash compatible browser for the game to work. Go here to play the game. Full instructions are easily accessible on the menu screen.
Games Starring Mr. T.
There have been a couple of games released featuring Mr T. These are 'Celebrity Deathmatch' and 'Rocky'. I have been able to play both games and have included short reviews for both below.

Celebrity Deathmatch: This game had received many poor reviews so it was with fear i loaded it on my PC. The game contains a few minor league celebrities - some i have not even heard of. The game actually was a little bit of fun for about five minutes or so, but eventually it got very repetative. If you pulled off a move it seemed to be more by luck rather than skill. The death moves were nice though, and it was funny in places. Have a look at the small screenshots below. Overall 4/10.

Rocky: This is more like it. This game got some excellent reviews when it was released. I even went ahead and bought it for the PSX 2. It is also available for the X-Box. First of all the graphics are superb. The Rocky characters are very well animated and perform just like the characters they represent in the movie. Obviously you play the part of Rocky in the game so you come up against Mr T after a load of fights. The gameplay is superb and skill is required against later opponents. I made my way through the game very quickly, but soon got stuck near Rocky 5. Once you defeat an opponent they are then available to select in multiplayer mode, etc. Between the fights you can train. I found this a pretty tricky section as it sometimes requires a lot of button bashing, but you are rewarded if you do well by receiving a few stat points that make you stronger, quicker, etc. Overall 9/10.


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