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The A-Team Movie
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Episode Guide - S01E10 - One More Time

S01E10 - One More Time

Original Air Date: 12-Apr-1983

Director: Arnold Laven

Writer: Frank Lupo and Patrick Hasburg, from a story by Babs Grehosky

Cast: Rashaad: Nico Minardos. General Ludlam: Warren Kemmerling. Kathy Ludlam: Amy Steel. Parry: Alan Fudge. Major Briggs: Edward Grover. Film Director: Danny Wells. Rhonda: Barbara Horan. Psych Ward Staff: Dennis Haysbert. Unknown: Casey King. Guard: Patrick Cameron. Burrows: Rick Fitts. Sergeant At Arms: Robert Madrid. Guerilla: Judd Omen. Guest Star: Dean Santoro

Review: The team are eventually caught by Lynch. Lynch has the A-Team caught, but people higher up the chain of command have other ideas for the team. A general - who nose B.A. broke in Nam - and his daughter are caught by rebels in Borneo. For the A-Team to be free again they have to accept the mission and complete it. Not a bad episode.

Rating (Out of 10): 8

Goof: The military informs the A-Team that a DC-3 is the best plane to get to the country Borneo. There is no such country. The island of Borneo is in fact shared by the three countries Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia, as Face correctly points out later in the episode.
Goof: When Hannibal and Face are on a motorcycle and being chased by Lynch it is obvious that during the jumps that there is a dummy on the back of the motorcycle.
•William Lucking was billed as Special Guest Star in this episode.

Murdock's T-Shirt:


B.A.: "I die before I fly."

Army officer: "Excuse me, we're looking for an actor named Lynch."
Lynch: "His real name is John Smith; he's using "Lynch" as an alias."
Movie director: ""Lynch?" Huh, you'd think he could do better than that."

(to Amy)
Murdock: "I love it when you're angry."

Amy: "Where's the pilot?"
Murdock: "Well, it was kind of strange. I was just standing there talking to him and all of a sudden he fell in my arms."
Amy: "You knocked him out."
Murdock: "Let's not get technical."

(Murdock answering his phone)
Murdock: "I'm sorry, but you've reached a disconnected number. Now if you feel that you've reached this recording in error, how do you think I feel?"

(at gunpoint by Lynch and team)
B.A.: "You're crazy, man. What were you trying to do?"
Hannibal: "I was trying to warn you. Lynch is coming."
B.A.: "Thanks."


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