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The A-Team Movie
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Hannibal: "I did some pretty squirrelly things in Nam, and lived to tell about it. You're like bread on a window sill. Mine, when I want you."
From Recipe For Heavy Bread

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Episode Guide - S02E02 - Recipe For Heavy Bread

S02E02 - Recipe For Heavy Bread

Original Air Date: 27-Sep-1983

Director: Bernard McEveety

Writer: Stephen J. Cannell

Cast: Tom Anderson: Marjoe Gortner. Lin Duk Coo: Mako. General Chow: John Fujioka. Shana: Tracy Scoggins. Unknown: Michael Alldredge. Unknown: Liam Sullivan. Garber: John Quade. Doug: Robin Strand. Cal: Len Wayland. Betty: Rebecca Stanley. Unknown: Daphne Maxwell Reid. Unknown: Gene Dynarski. Unknown: Ross Elliot. Unknown: Gerald Berns. Unknown: Stephen Whulkinger. Woman: Shawn Weatherly. Parking Attendant: Bob Hilgenberg

Review: The A-Team recognize the cook that saved their lives in Vietnam working as a chef in a restaurant. They soon find out he is in trouble when he is kidnapped by his old commander. The A-Team set about freeing this man and making the old camp commander pay for his crimes.

Rating (Out of 10): 9

•On their way to the restaurant in the opening of the episode, the A-Team van passes by Apollo Tire at the corner of Lyons and Newhall. The store is still in business at the same location (now owned by Grand American Tires). - Source
•The twin buildings depicted as Face's apartment building actually comprise the ARCO Center in Long Beach, California. Completed in 1983, the buildings were brand-new at the time that the original episode aired. - Source
•When B.A. comes in to the apartment after armor-plating the interior of the van, Face is checking out a centerfold -- in Forbes. - Source
•One of the first shots on the golf course is of a pair of men watching Tom Angel/Anderson tee off. The man on the right is Hannibal in disguise; the man on the left is his stunt double. George Peppard provides the voice for both lines of dialogue: "What do you think of his game, Joe?" "Can't hit a lick." - Source
•Some of the exterior and interior shots in this episode are of the real Perino's Restaurant, located at 4101 Wilshire Blvd. The restaurant was torn down in 2005; Perino's Luxury Apartments now stand on the location of what was once one of the top three restaurants in Los Angeles.

Murdock's T-Shirt:


Hannibal: "I did some pretty squirrelly things in Nam, and lived to tell about it. You're like bread on a window sill. Mine, when I want you."

Bad Guy Joey: "I don't think you know what you're messing with, Smith."
Hannibal: "Oh yes, I do. I'm just impetuous. I'm also nuts and trigger-happy, so get in the van before I start foaming at the mouth and blasting."

Hannibal: "Now, the dope is in the van, see if you can find it before the cops get here. We'll close our eyes, and count to a hundred"
Tom: "My father will have you killed"
Hannibal: "You tell your daddy, if he makes me mad enough I'll come down to Arizona, and wash him out. And tell him to keep his head down. I might be the guy who cleans out his pool, or delivers his mail, or maybe even his golf caddy."

Murdock: (as he is picking up his golf ball off the green, which has a mouth & eyes on it) "I'm telling you Face, my ball can talk."
Face: "Lots of them can talk, but can he sing?"
Murdock: "I haven't taught him any songs yet."

B.A.: "Oh, Hannibal. Don't put this crazy man on the cross fire. I don't wanna get shot by this fool."
Hannibal: "He does the cover position in case we get in trouble. We never get in trouble."


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