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The A-Team Movie
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Episode Guide - S02E03 - The Only Church In Town

S02E03 - The Only Church In Town

Original Air Date: 11-Oct-1983

Director: Christian I. Nyby II

Writer: Babs Greyhosky

Cast: Elisabeth Hoffman: Mother Superior. Markie Post: Leslie Bektall. Ismael 'East' Carlo: Salvador. Beau Starr: Guest Star. Deborah Shelton: Unknown. Don Knight: Unknown. Judd Omen: Unknown. Patrick Moore: Unknown. Caesar Cordova: Unknown. Larry Duran: Sanchez. Tony Brubaker: Bantu

Review: When Face receives a fraternity pin from his ex-girlfriend he knows that she is in trouble. Again the A-Team head to South America to find out what is wrong. They soon find out that a gang of murderers are holding the women and children in a fort-like place. The A-Team come up with a plan to dispatch of the baddies and save the innocent people held captive. Very good episode.

Rating (Out of 10): 8

•When the jeep makes a spectacular launch in the big fight near the end of the episode, the driver is clearly a stunt driver wearing a big, black helmet -- and his passenger is a plastic dummy. - Source
Goof: When Face is involved in a fistfight by the waterhole the rifle of the first man falls on the ground. After Face calls for B.A., the rifle is suddenly gone. - Source

Murdock's T-Shirt: I [picture of heart] NY


(to B.A.)
Murdock: "Come on, you little teddy bear. Open those big brown eyes and give us a growl. I'm worried about him, Hannibal. It's been almost a full day and we haven't insulted each other. I think I may go into withdrawal soon."

B.A.: "Get off me, sucker! You feed me your hat again, sucker, and I promise you you won't have a head to wear it on. Now where are we? How did we get here? You suckers drugged me, didn't you?"
Murdock: "What a grump, ya know? Cranky in the morning, cranky all day."

(B.A. has been drugged before a flight)
Amy: "He really does look so peaceful when he sleeps."
Face: "Well, at least this time he went out with a smile on his face."

Leslie: "Go with God"
Murdock: "I always travel first class."


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