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Episode Guide - S02E06 - The Taxicab Wars

S02E06 - The Taxicab Wars

Original Air Date: 01-Nov-1983

Director: Gilbert M. Shilton

Writer: Stephen J. Cannell

Cast: Miler Crane: Michael Ironside. Strike: Edward Lynch. Cal Freeman: Ernie Hudson. Unknown: Tom Reese. Ryder: Byron James. Unknown: Ivor Barry. Thomas Hart: Michael Crabtree. Tina Lavell: Liz Sheridan. Guest Star: Greg Monaghan

Review: I really enjoyed this episode. The A-Team help a cab firm who are being pushed out of business by a rival firm, by unjust ways. The A-Team come to the cab firms help by playing the baddies at their own game. Superb

Rating (Out of 10): 10

•Download the script
•In the final showdown between cabs in the alley outside Lone Star Cab Company, a sign for Purofied Down Products Corporation can be seen on one of the nearby buildings. Purofied, which filed for Chapter 11 in early 1984, was located at 11501 Hart St. in North Hollywood.
•When the Lone Star cabs crash through the doors into the Love Cab Company, the stunt driver in the first cab is wearing a helmet.
•After the elderly couple climbs out of Murdock's cab and begins walking off, the shiny building with the rounded towers in the background is the Westin Bonaventure Hotel.
•Hannibal's cab gets flipped at the intersection of W. 4th St. and S. Boylston St., just down the block from where B.A. picked up his fare minutes earlier. The large building on the left is the L.A. United School District building. The skyscraper in the distance (as the upside-down cab begins to land) is the BP Plaza; the long, low building at its foot is the downtown Marriott.
•After Thomas Hart is attacked at the beginning of the episode, a Goodhew ambulance is shown speeding down the road. At the time, Goodhew Ambulance service was the oldest (and possibly the largest) private ambulance service in Los Angeles County; James Goodhew began driving a horse-drawn ambulance in the late 1800s.
Goof: When the Love cabs are painted in the car wash, their windshields are naturally covered up to prevent being painted. An interior camera, however, shows spray paint being applied to the windshield.
•Van appears in episode.
•Vette appears in episode.
•Amy appears in episode. Drives van too.
•Murdock - Captain Cab + Socki

Murdock's T-Shirt: A Doodle Do


Face: "We're taking my brand new car into a situation where it could get shot up. I like to take good care of it, Hannibal. I'm real sentimental."
Hannibal: "Well, don't worry. If things get rough, I'll have them shoot around it."
Face: "Very funny."

(as Clarence Wickersham III)
Hannibal: "My daddy used to say, "The life without danger is just like a house of ill-repute without the naked ladies.""

Amy: "Lone Star 4, got a fare at the YMCA."
Face: "YMCA? Uh, listen, Amy, give that to Captain Cab, will ya? I don't do pickups at men's organizations. Hair salons, fashion boutiques, any place a pretty girl can be found."

Hannibal: "Now, the Lone Star cab company's back in business. All we got to do is get some cabs that run."

Murdock takes on his alter-ego, which involves a hand made cape & mask (which look like a yellow plaid table cloth).
Murdock: "People all over the city look to the roads in awe, and ask what is happening? The answer is simple, Captain Cab has returned to Tarzana."


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