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The A-Team Movie
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Adreian: "Look, who are you? What's going on?"
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Adreian: "So?"
Murdock: "So? Honey, the guys with the guns were tryin' to kill that caddy friend of yours! We can't have things like that going on at the country club, now can we?"
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Episode Guide - S02E12 - The Maltese Cow

S02E12 - The Maltese Cow

Original Air Date:




Review: A group of chinese thugs are taking over the neighbourhood. The A-Team had setup one of the people that they helped with a restaurant, but the thugs are hitting it. The A-Team set out to help these people again and drive the thugs out of the neighbourhood. They soon find out the thugs are really planning to taking over major drug ring operations and aim to shut them down.

Rating (Out of 10): 10


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